Aquatic plants and pond care

There are many different types of water plants, and each one adds to the overall ecology and balance of the pond. Waterlilies and some small decoratives have surface floating leaves giving the pond important and much needed cover.

Pink water Lilly

Through the warmer, sunnier months a pond in full sunlight should have about 70% surface covered by foliage to help prevent the growth of Algae and blanket weed. We do not advise that chemicals be added to the pond- you can have a beautiful looking pond by having a good balance of plants and fish. ‘Green Water’ occurs when there is an imbalance of oxygenated plants and fish. Too many fish combined with a lack of plant life can turn the pond to ‘pea soup.’

At Pond Art we stock a basic assortment of aquatic plants to set up you pond. Decorative plants include waterlilies, poppy and fringe, providing the perfect form of surface cover and have varying types of leaves and flowers to enhance your pond.

Some tall decorative are available too, usually from September through to March and include Taro (elephants ear) Pickerel Rush and Irises. The other group of aquatic plants are called oxygenators. These plants assist with keeping the water clean and ammonia free and are available throughout the year. 

white lotus flowe
water lily red bloom

The two main types of this plant family are Elodea and Vallisneria. A third type is called Ludwigea, which is available between October- March. A popular plant simply because its foliage stands approximately 25mm-30mm above the water and has a very decorative leaf- also perfect for shallow ponds and ledges.

Aquatic plants require very little attention- a waterlily for example only needs repotting every two years.

Pond Art offers a full report service at our display centre, or can provide a full maintenance programme for your pond.

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